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Please be aware that Dragon Art Glass is a small, one person business. If you've messaged me through my website and I haven't replied instantly, then it's probably because I'm not online.  I will make every attempt to get back to you as soon as practical.


In the meanwhile Hi! I'm Andrea - the Dragon of Dragon Art Glass.

I make things from glass because I love the challenge the medium presents, the multitude and range of colours available to me is always inspiring.  I simply would like to be able to use the many processes and different techniques available of this fabulous craft.  This makes sure I am learning something constantly, and hopefully improving my products and knowldege as I learn.  As with many things, working with glass is a LOT of practice, practice, practice.  I stillfind after many years that is something can go wrong, it will do so - usually when you least expect it of when you don't have the time or glass available to correct it!

About My Work Process

Currently, the majority of my work begins life as sheets of glass, which are cut to shape and size, and then either go through at least one kiln process, or are turned into stained glass panels and suncatchers.  I make things with both the leaded (as in church windows ) style, and the Tiffany style (often suncatchers and smaller panels).

Just about everything I make starts out as a drawing in one form or another (though I must admit, the drawings quite often take the form of quick sketches of ideas - drawn in felt pen on my light table, traced onto the glass, then wiped off the light table).



Andrea Griffiths

Phone: +44 7746 5712210

E-mail: enquiries (at) dragonartglass.co.uk








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