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About my Work Process

Whether it is working with sheets of glass, which I cut to shape and size with the help of a pattern and a few hand tools; with rods of glass, where I use an oxygen and propane lampwork torch to melt shape and form the glass into beads, and various shapes and forms; or kiln working, where the glass is cut and arranged in the kiln to fuse together, I am in my element. (Which, for someone who studied Chemistry is really quite exciting!) 

I love the challenge glass as a medium presents - the working out whether or not the colours are going to look as I want them to look.

Working out if I layer this colour on that colour, or put this metal in as an inclusion - will it work?

If I try and mix molten glass, what will I get?

Even looking into the whys and wherefores something hasn't quite turned out can be interesting. (why did I get that grotty grey colour on my bead/ that big bubble in the plate/ why did that glass not fuse together correctly? )


All questions that will keep the scientific mind occupied for hours, and giving me hour and hours of fun and experimentation whilst trying to find the answers.


Fun you ask?  Well, yes, why not? Life is too short to work at something you no longer enjoy!  (Though I am the first to admit that it helps if you are able to afford to feed the glass addiction - but that's where selling what I make comes in, so feel free to pop along to my shop and buy something (hint hint)).


Perhaps I am easily pleased? No, not really just a bit of a perfectionist - nothing is ready to show to a customer until I am happy it is correct, and if a special order, until I am confident that the customer will be thrilled with what they require.




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